What is wizzpic?

Wizzpic is the first instant messenger app to include interactive messaging features. As you chat you can gradually discover a photo sent to you by another wizzpic user. Discovering a photo while you chat makes for a truly unique experience.

Take a photo, chose a cover, an animation and the number of messages you want the other person to send in order to discover your photo. Send your wizz, and start a chat. Your photo will gradually reveal itself throughout the conversation. Without a response to your messages, the photo remains behind the cove. You can prolong the fun and teasing as much as you want depending on the mood.

Which devices support wizzpic?

Wizzpic is compatible with iOS and Android. It can be downloaded on the app store or Google Play.

How do i find others who are using wizzpic?

If you allow wizzpic to access your contacts, the app will automatically know which friends are already using wizzpic. You can also search for any other wizzpic users using the friend search bar.

How do i send a wizz?

Step 1: select the image you wish to share: either by using the camera or choosing an image from your library.

Step 2: choose a cover: in the cover menu you can chose your image to be hidden by either: another image (taken with the camera or chosen from the library) or by using one of our standard wzzpic covers. By clicking on a selected cover’s thumbnail you can sample what the cover will look like. Click on the screen or the thumbnail to confirm your choice.

Step 3:  chose an animation:

When in the motion menu you can select different animation to reveal your image. Click on the thumbnails to sample how your photo will be revealed. Click on the screen or the thumbnail to confirm your choice.

Step 4: choose the number of messages:

In the messages menu you can select the number of messages that you and your friend(s) will have to send in order to totally reveal the image. Warning! If you set the amount of messages to 1 your photo, it will vanish after 5 seconds once revealed.
Helpful tip: if you chose not to go through steps 2,3 and 4 your wizz will be sent with the last used configuration. As long your wizz has not been sent, you can still change your covers and animations

When does the wizz bein to reveal itself?

If you are receiving a wizz:
once the chat begins the wizz starts to gradually reveal itself. At this time the « send » button becomes « discover » (in orange), in order to send a new message to continue discovering the wizz. Once the other person has responded, the button changes back to « send » (in grey). The person receiving the wizz can continue writing messages to the person sending it without having to reveal the photo.

If you are sending a wizz :
once the message has been received, both parties will see the photo gradually reveal itself. The « send » button becomes purple, which means that you must send an answer in order to allow the other person to continue discovering the image. Each response to one of your messages will reveal a bit of the photo.

Helpful tip:
if you are receiving the wizz you must get a response from the person sending it in order to reveal another part of the photo. You may however send multiple messages at a time without receiving a response or revealing more of the photo.

How to know if my wizz has been properly received?

In your wizzpic chat list, under the name of you contact(s) you can see how many wizz’s you have sent and received.

If your wizz has not been sent, an explanation mark will appear in the square to the right of the contact’s name. To try and send it again simply click the explanation mark. This can occur if there is a poor network connexion.

Will the person receiving the wizz be able to save the image?

When you send a wizz there are two options:

-if you set your photo to reveal itself with over 2 messages: once the photo is fully revealed it can be saved by both parties and remain the background of your chat until the next wizz.

-if you set you photo to reveal itself with 1 message: after the first message the photo is fully revealed and remains on screen for 5 seconds before disappearing (it cannot be saved in this mode). The background of the chat will then become the cover selected on the last wizz.

How can i chat with a contact?

You can chat with any of your contacts after having sent them a first wizz. Once the wizz has been fully revealed you can simply chat without necessarily sending a photo.

Who can see the wizz’s i have sent?

It’s up to you! Only the contacts you selected when sending the wizz are able to see it and interact.

I was not able to enter the code i received by sms and i have left the app

On the help your friends find you screen you can select enter the code received by sms. When you click on this you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your phone number and sms code. This will allow you to continue signing up.

How can i remove or block someone from my contacts?

You can remove or block a contact on the wizzpic members screen. Swipe towards the left on the contact you wish to remove, you will then be able to either:

-block or unblock a contact by clicking on the lock icon.

-permanently delete a contact by clicking on the trash icon.

I forgot my password?

On the log in screen click « forgot my password ». You will then be asked for your email address in order to verify your identity. Your new password will be sent to your email address.

What if i change phones?

You can simply download the app on your new phone. Once in the app click on « already a member »‘ and log in using your email address and password.

How can i report crashes or suggest improvements?

We are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for you while using wizzpic. However, if you have any problems using the app or if you want to suggest improvements feel free to contact us using the « contact » section on