Firstly, thank you for using Wizzpic. These terms and conditions are here to help you understand what data we collect from you, what we do with it and what your options are.


When you sign up with us and when you use our app, you voluntarily give us certain information such as your name, username, profile picture, telephone number, your sign-up email address and any other information which you give us. The right to access data from your Facebook account which allows us to obtain personal information.

You also have the option to enable the sending of location data to us when you use Wizzpic on your mobile device.

The data we obtain from these services depends mainly on your own settings and the relevant data protection regulations; please ensure you check them regularly.

Device information:

We can also collect information on the device from which you are accessing Wizzpic, e.g. device type, operating system, device settings and unique identifying information for the device as well as incident reporting data. This data which we collect in whole or in part usually depends on the type of device you are using and its settings.  It varies according to the different types of available information that you are using. To find out more about the information that your device can share with us, please consult the device manufacturer or software supplier’s own policies.

How do we use your data?

We also use your data in order to offer you personalised content:

– By offering you various hide and reveal options;

– A gallery of private photos;

– To send updates;

– To help your friends and contacts to download the app when they subscribe to Wizzpic for the first time;

– To reply to your questions or comments;

– To send photos via ephemeral messaging.

What are your options regarding your personal data?

We aim to offer you simple and helpful options. If you have a Wizzpic account, most of your options in Wizzpic are set within the app itself, and are partly determined by your account settings. For example, you can:

  • Access data about you on your profile screen;
  • Access data about you on your notification screen;
  • Access data about you in your private photo gallery; You can only view this using your own unique PIN code;
  • Choose whether Wizzpic is personalised on the basis of externally collected data.
  • Log out.
  • Your mobile device may give you various options regarding the way that you choose to share data with us, and whether or not you wish to share your location and other data.


We may have recourse to third parties or businesses to handle data on our behalf, in accordance with our instructions and with this data protection policy. We may share data with our accountants to ensure that our accounts are in order. Moreover, some of the data which we request may be collected by third-party suppliers on our behalf.

We may share data with security agencies to help us better identify undesirable content should we deem such communication reasonably necessary to comply with any legal, lawful or regulatory requirement to protect the security, property or goods of any individual or Wizzpic itself, or in the detection of fraud, security breaches or technical problems, for the prevention or redress thereof.

We may be subject to merger, acquisition, disbanding, reorganisation or similar, or indeed any process which may involve the transfer of the data covered by this policy.


Wizzpic is not aimed at children under 13 years old. Should you become aware that any minor in your care has supplied us with personal data without your consent, please contact us.

How do we update these terms and conditions?

These terms and conditions relating to data protection may need to be updated from time to time. Any updates will be published on this page. If you continue to use Wizzpic after these updates come into effect, you de facto accept these terms and conditions in their amended form. In the case of important changes, we may advise you in advance or obtain your consent under conditions set out in the law.